Bryan Staffaroni

WWE, Senior Director, Media Asset Management

Bryan Staffaroni has been with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for the past 13 years and is currently the senior director of media asset management. The groups he oversees include Media Management, Central Ingest, and Media Library Services. He and his team built, manage, and continue to expand the WWE’s 150,000 hour digital archive. They also play an integral role supporting WWE’s elite production team which creates hundreds of hours of content each and every week for the WWE Network, USA Network, web, social media, and broadcasts in 170+ countries.

Starting out as the sole member of the WWE Media Management Department in 2006, Staffaroni found no shortage of opportunities to adapt and expand his department to meet the demands of production. He played a major role in WWE’s transition to HD in 2008 including establishing workflows for WWE’s first digital archive within their new Grass Valley editing environment. He also took the role of process manager on the WWE Digital Archive Project in 2010 where more than 28,000 WWE show masters were ingested, archived, and fully logged within a year’s time. Today, Staffaroni’s teams support and maintain WWE’s digital archive and are responsible for all naming conventions, taxonomy, metadata entry, asset tracking, and disaster recovery strategies.

Prior to joining WWE, Staffaroni co-owned and operated Grey Sky Films. With every intention of pursuing his passion for editing and directing music videos, films, documentaries, and commercials, Staffaroni found himself gravitating more toward a technical role with researching and purchasing production equipment, building and supporting edit systems, and designing and modifying production workflows.

Featured in: Sports Content Management & Storage Workshop

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