David Baud

Media180, VP of Operations, Training Specialist

David Baud is a colorist and finishing editor. He has worked for over 20 years in production as a cameraman, editor, visual FX artist, director, and producer. Baud's work encompasses documentary, short film, and feature films. He has worked for the major networks in Europe and the United States.

Baud started working in film and has experienced the evolution of making broadcast television shows to fit today's digital format. He was in the forefront of non-linear online editing in the early 90’s and has been working with digital systems since then.

Baud holds a degree in computer science. Today, aside of focusing on telling stories using the optimal color palette, he also enjoys sharing his knowledge about the tools and workflows used to make a film. Baud supervises and runs the training assessments. He is a UHD/HDR and file formats training specialist, as well.

Featured in: IP Remote Production Workshop

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