Don Browning

Golf Channel, Senior Director, Media Services

Don Browning is currently the senior director of media services at the Golf Channel. He leads two teams primarily focused on media creation and media storage. The post-editing and post-audio departments report to Browning, along with the newly-formed Media Operations department. This new Media Operations department is focused on media archiving and metadata management. The department manages the logging and search tools that now hold nearly all of the 150,000 offsite tape assets metadata along with the more than 38 petabytes of active assets of online and archive content. The archive group manages one of the largest ODA archives systems in the U.S. This system’s container can hold over 5 petabytes of data, and is fed by the Golf Channel’s half a petabyte of AVID active storage. The content group is using the Front Porch Digital SAMA system to ingest and up-convert the last of the 150,000 library tapes to HD content.

Prior to joining the Golf Channel, Browning worked for 15 years with Sony Electronics. While at Sony, he served as a support engineer and broadcast salesman. Before Sony, he was an editor/owner of his own production company and worked in a number of broadcast production positions including news photographer/editor.

Feautred in: Sports Content Management & Storage (SCMS) Workshop

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