Paul Bonar

Game Creek, VP, Engineering

Paul Bonar has been in the television industry for over 40 years. He started working at Game Creek Video in 1997 after stints at Challenger Productions, Winner Communications, and VTE Mobile.

Since 1997, Bonar, joined by Jason Taubman, oversaw the design, construction, and launch of over sixty television production units and support trailers. His special focus was the ergonomic design and layout for some of the most successful production units ever. Under his watch, Game Creek launched the first completely router centric truck, Southern Cross in 2002; the first successful truck-to-truck fiber connection in Game Creek's FX trucks in 2007; the first IP routing system in a mobile unit in Encore in 2015; and the first all IP routing system in Yogi in 2017.

Bonar has won four technical Emmy awards, including the George Wensil Technical Achievement Award in 2017. Trucks that have been designed and built by Bonar have produced events that have won dozens of Emmy awards.

Featured in: General Sessions: Remote Production Tech (Monday)

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