Philipp Lawo

Lawo, CEO

Philipp Lawo is the CEO of Lawo. After various positions within the company including head of R&D and managing director, he took over the CEO position from his father and founder of the company in 1999. Under his conduct, the German company expanded to over 270 employees worldwide and has developed into a globally renowned brand for pioneering IP audio, video, and control technology. As an engineer, he was instrumental to the development of Lawo’s networking audio systems. Realizing the opportunities inherit with IP technology, he started turning Lawo into a IP-native company in early 2008, strategically complementing the company’s portfolio with in-depth broadcast control and video know-how.

Lawo’s strong belief in the importance of interoperability of products and technologies is the driver behind establishing open standards such as RAVENNA, AES67, and Ember+. Accordingly, the company is fully committed to the AIMS roadmap of IP standards. Lawo is an entrepreneur by heart and inventor of several patents.

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